An Eternal Wail's Journey EP

by mebitek

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First Cinematic Dark Ambient EP

pubblished by Scottish Label Xenomorph Records based in Dundee

Sardinian orginal ambient music from the deep,
let's the aeternal journey starts...


released July 1, 2016

original cover post production by mebitek based on an original photo by Gabriella Floris

all tracks are played, composed and arranged by mebitek
original field recordings by mebitek

The copyrights of all mebitek works are administered by the Mechanical-Copyright Protection Society (MCPS).



all rights reserved


mebitek Sardinia, Italy

From the acid and dusty factories of the electronic underground, through the devastated and pure immacolated nature of Sardinia, an explosion of anger and melancholy darkness transforms electronics into a cinematic orchestra.
this is mebitek, the manufactured eXPerience
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Track Name: Cudda Domu (this is kaos)
voice and lyrics by mebitek

apu biu cudd'omu "inguddei"
bisau mi seu in cudd'omu "inguddai"
e iscuru e' su ceu
frius me is ossus, sou ca cai
scidau mi seu in cudd'omu "inguddai"
pedriu mi seu in cudd'omu "inguddei"

eng version:
I see that house out there
I dream on me in that house right there
the sky is dark
my bones are cold and i'm alone like a dog
I wake up in that house right there
i'm lost in that house out there
Track Name: Zu Zara (Brabeis)
Tui ses su ki ses,
e iat a na it'iat mai a cambiai poita
poita ses e no abarras
e no anta mai a mudai
po totu sa vida
ki su mabi at fatu
u' mabifatu
t'at a cabai
atui e s'enia
pedditzona ki portas

eng version

title: "you are (sheeps)"
you are what you are
and I should say they never change you because
because you are and you not stay
and they will not ever change
for all life
for all your bad behaviour
a curse
shall fall to you
and for all your tramp ilk